Lord Perry Patterns
Historical Patterns & Specialized Patterns for Fashion Dolls

Lord Perry Patterns specializes in historical fashion doll patterns and haute couture fashion doll patterns for dolls measuring 11 1/2 and 12 inch such as Fashion Royalty and Barbie, and 15-16 inch dolls such as Tyler, Gene, and Alexa.  We also carry an extensive line of specialized fashion doll patterns such as fantasy, special occasion and bridal patterns for fashion dolls.
Geneva White
As the owner and chief designer of Lord Perry historical, ethnic, special occasion, and fantasy patterns, I have the opportunity to use my design, styling, sewing, and computer skills to produce.patterns for the fashion doll marketplace.  Established in late 1994, Lord Perry Patterns has established a world wide reputation for quality doll patterns. The newest member to our family of patterns is Chez Perry, producing modern couture and current runway fashions